Why use Blender in schools?

Although Blender does not restrict you to CAD (objects that exist in real life), Blender can be used to teach CAD tools, terminology, and principles. Also, Blender's freedom and wide array of graphics-oriented (in addition to design-oriented) tools can prepare you for higher education in a wider array of topics such as architectural design, product design, cinema, commercial video, commercial graphics, 3D printing, flow simulation, and forensic visualization.

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What is different in recent versions?

Blender 2.5 and above use the new interface which, in layout and function, is closer to industry-standard programs such as Lightwave, Maya, and 3ds Max.



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I'll be showing you how to make a Cambot in a program called Blender.

- yelby Learner (now content creator), from his video BlenderMade: Cambot Tutorial

That looks so awesome!

- Timothy D Learner, after viewing his water slide rendered with settings tweaked by the author (using settings described in the learning materials)

Pretty cool!

- Ben S School Administrative Assistant, after viewing student work

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